Some Furniture That Needs To Be Cleaned Every Week

A lot of people spend the weekend cleaning the house. Can sweep, clean the dining table, windows, until mopping the floor has become a daily task. Not so with other clean house.

Some people who are on duty to clean the building like a fridge or other equipment that is used every day. This freelance does not need to be cleaned at all times, quite routine on Sundays. What needs to be cleaned every week?

  1. Refrigerator

The fridge includes one piece of furniture that needs to be cleaned in the day. You certainly use the refrigerator daily to store cooking spices, food, and drinks. Various aromas mixed into one and when ignored will appear odor. Therefore, it is important to rearrange the contents of the refrigerator every week in order to maintain cleanliness. Remove all the contents of the refrigerator first.

Clean the entire corner of the refrigerator using a damp cloth and lemon juice. Arrange the arrangement, which has a stinging smell does not mix with other foods that are odorless. Store scented foods in a refrigerator drawer so the smell does not interfere with other foods or beverages.

  1. Toilet Seat

According to research, toilet seats become one of the nesting sites of viruses and germs. If you do not want to get sick then it can be a clean routine every Sunday. How to clean it, pour toilet cleaning fluid and rub it with the brush for a long time. Flush two to three times to make sure the toilet seat is clean.

  1. Working Desk & Child Learning

When utilizing Sunday for the members of the house, do not forget to clean and ready to work. Tidy up the books on the table and wipe with a damp cloth before finishing back with. Wear a small shelf with a special buffer to organize your book.

  1. Wardrobe

Wardrobe often forgets clean because there are many clothes in it. Ses3 take time on Sunday to clean and tidy up. Do not forget to add a deodorizer for clothes that have long been used not smell.

  1. Microwave

Not forgetting the usual microwave used to warm the food. Take a large bowl that already contains air. Squeeze the lemon and vinegar supplements. Insert the bowl into it and turn on the microwave.

After that remove the bowl and let it cool in less than 15 minutes. Scrub the entire surface of the microwave using lemon juice and vinegar. You are more durable.

  1. Fan

The fan is also very important. Cleanliness must be maintained for the health of yourself and your family. If not clean, the fan is easy to dust and can be a source of disease.

How easy is not it? Or you feel bored with the activities of home hygiene? how to clean your house easily solve your home hygiene problems with a professional.